Toddler Tuesday – Summer Fun

Toddler Tuesday SNSLife

This week was kind of slow around our neck of the woods. I have been sick, and the girls have all had a runny nose but no other symptoms as they are all coming off of a sick spell. We were able to make it to IKEA this past weekend for some new bookshelves for Careena and Hailee’s new shared bedroom (reveal coming soon) as well as a dresser for Isabella & Elleanna’s bedroom. The girl’s got to experience Ice Cream {Read More}

Disney Junior “Pirate and Princess” Power of Doing Good – Washington D.C


On Monday July 21st, I took my daughters and granddaughters to the Washington D.C stop of the Pirate and Princess tour, where we met up with our neighbor friends. Our girls were given the opportunity to discover their power to make a better world through fun activities about nature, animals, storytelling and giving back to the community. #PowerOfDoingGood They started with a table full of cardboard “Treasure” and things to “Recycle.” The task was to dig in the table of {Read More}

Oh, our cat’s fancy huh?!

#ZoeyJulian Fancy Feast SNSLife

We adopted our cat Zoey when she was just a few months old, nearly two and a half years ago. We drove over an hour away to get her at a PetSmart adoption clinic, even though she was driven there from an animal shelter in our town. We immediately fell in love with her and couldn’t wait to bring her home. As we started filling out the paper work we learned that her given name was Mary, my Husbands late {Read More}

Toddler Tuesday – Local Happenings

Toddler Tuesday SNSLife

It has been one of the busiest weeks we have had this summer. Full of fun, friends and family. From the water park, a trip to the zoo, neighborhood walks, a local concert to a Disney event, the memories made this week will last a lifetime. Our neighbors Ginger and Lily spent a better part of the week with us, which has been so great for the girls. Although they have live in play mates, having an outsider is always {Read More}

An EPIC #PlayskoolPlaydate with Mommy Bloggers


Confession: I love playdates! Not only does it give my daughters and granddaughters the socialization they need, it gives me some too. I really enjoy talking to other parents and learning about what’s going on in their’s and their child’s life. I like learning about what products they are liking and what their summer plans are. I was recently invited to a #PlayskoolPlaydate hosted by Hasbro and Litzky PR in Arlington, VA with a few other “Mommy Bloggers” of pre {Read More}

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