Happy Birthday, Ma


“Bullshit” I yelled! “Say it again and I’ll come over there” my Mother replied at my outburst. “BULLSHIT!” I yelled again to her threatening tone. “You’re really pushing me Heather Nichole” she said, and it was then that I knew there was no turning back. When my Mother dropped my middle name it meant there was wrath to follow. In an effort to either totally push her over the edge or try to back peddle my cringe worthy remarks I {Read More}

Weighing in: workout routine


This is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group and U by Kotex but all opinions are my own. #pmedia #UbyKotex http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV All of my life I have been lucky enough to be thin. After my first daughter was born, I was in a bikini on Venice Beach in Cali with a slamming body 6 months after having her. I didn’t so much as run, or lift a weight I just dropped the weight. I’d like to think it {Read More}

Happy Springtime, Cherry Blossoms 2014


Hours. We spent hours driving around the tidal basin looking for a parking spot. We attempted to go before the Easter Egg Hunt and then again after. After almost 5 hours in the car we gave up on day one. I’m glad we did because the next day we decided to take the Metro in. It was my moms first time on the train and my little sisters second time, they were in town visiting for the weekend. My little {Read More}

Sugar N’ Spice Life Easter Egg Hunt 2014


I spent just over a month preparing what would be an hour of fun for families in the DC Metro area. I reached out to several companies that I believed in and almost all of them responded wanting to help! I was so happy to work with GoGo squeez for a healthy snack option for the kids. I stuffed the Sugar N’ Spice Life tote bags with coupons and goodies from Seventh Generation and GoGo squeez. All that needed to {Read More}

Spring Playdate with #TheHappys


This post is part of a campaign with Cepia LLC and MomSelect and I received products for review. All opinions and photos are my own. It’s true that as a parent I get more excited about toys for my children than things for myself. Sure, I love my mini van but what I love more is the toys that are all over the floor of that mini van. When I come across toys that I think everyone will love, I want {Read More}

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