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Product Compensation for this post was provided by Netgear via MSB New Media. All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.

Road Trip! That’s where we are heading for the next two weeks. First we are off on a 16 hour drive to our home state of New York for a family wedding and then our 44 hour road trip to Walt Disney World and then Panama City Beach. Although we have plenty of activities for the kids to include coloring books, movies and games, sometimes the call for technology is inevitable.

When it comes to my children and myself too, I look for privacy, speed and availability when it comes to Mobile WiFi. For our trip to Panama City Beach, we will be staying at Tyndall Air Force Base in a house without WiFi, for a week -perks of having a husband who retired from the Military-. Some would take this as a vacation from social media and all things electronic, but not this family. I run a blog, social media sites and keep in touch with my family, every single day. It is important that I don’t unplug for more than a day, because I loose that sense of connectivity with my family, friends and followers. Although my daughter’s can do without their iPad games and learning apps, they wouldn’t be to happy if they couldn’t call their grandma or cousins on Skype & FaceTime. Having a Mobile Hotspot is a must for us, to say the least.

I was recently introduced to the AT&T Unite Pro by NETGEAR – 4G LTE – 4G device {where available}. It is essentially a device that connects to the AT&T mobile broadband network and turns that connection into a WiFi hotspot for up to 15 tablets, laptops or other WiFi devices. This device has up to 16 hours of battery life and an intuitive touchscreen with virtual keyboard. One of my favorite features is the BatteryBoost feature that lets you share power from the device with you smartphone. It also has Dual-Band WiFi technology to maximize data transfer reliability and speed. This device is 4G LTE and supports LTE advanced.

AT&T Unite Pro Left Hi ResOne thing I was doing before I got this life saving device was searching for WiFi while out in public. Now, I have no need to search. The touchscreen is so easy to use, it gives you data usage and connection information at a glance. The AT&T network is secure with password protection and guest passwords. This has given my life a boost for sure with the WiFi to keep me connected and BatteryBoost to refuel my smartphone. It is on my must have list to take with us on our vacation. Being a military family, having items like this is more than a leisure, it’s a connection. Staying connected to our family and military family is a beautiful thing and I am so thankful technology has come so far. The AT&T Unite Pro Mobile Hotspot is now sold in Military Exchanges, it can’t get too much easier for us military members and family to grab one.


The pricing is reasonable. If staying connected is important to you the fees are minimal. $49.99 with a 2 year contract {199.99 without a contract}. There are a few plans: Mobile Share Plan: $20 per month {shares in group data} and DataConnect Plan: $50 per month {5 GB data}. For some real life videos and to connect on social media check out Unite Pro on AT&T.

How important is staying connected to you? Are you a family on the go and internet connection is essential?

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